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Springspeed Nationals (was FOP)

Due to bad weather with a lot of rain, the fields surrounding the track were waterlogged in places and very muddy and no camping was allowed. Santa Pod made the decision to change the Easter meeting to a sportsman’s meeting. The three day event was blessed with sunshine on all three days.

Jon Webster led the small field 7.511-152.08, but had handling issues at mid-track. Making adjustment to the rear, he also had prop-shaft twisted at u/j. Reigning SPRC Champion Rob Stone defence of the title did not start well, with a problem with his truck and then finished fitting the transmission on Friday. His first pass was in qualifying session five and ran a personal best of 8.299 at 159.60. Mick Taylor was next with 8.461-166.04, but then broke on his burnout in the next session. Bits of metal were found from the engine and he was out of the show. Ben Kennedy has had a lot of work done to the rear end (four link) by Jedd Guy over the winter. Kennedy has also fitted a new TH400 transmission. While tuning the chassis Kennedy had boost problem (faulty control valve) and ran 10.722-131.77.

Doug McClure has a new front end, flexi plate and carb, which he had problems with on Friday, but ran personal best figures of 10.317-129.89 in qualifying.

Wayne Power was on the bump spot with 10.383-127.26. Jon Webster had altered the four link set up and the team were looking for a baseline. A new radiator has been fitted to cure the cooling issue of 2022 and also an ECU has been fitted.

Round one and Power had a bye Webster no show (rear tyres) 10.454-128.05.

McClure put a holeshot on Stone (rt163 to 269) who powered around to take the win 8.651-150.56. McClure ran 10.330 with another personal best speed of 131.01. Kennedy dipped into the nines on his bye run 9.875-130.95. Semi-finals and Power had another bye run 11.510 to the final. In the other semi Stone led from start to finish 8.419-156.29 against Kennedy’s best of the weekend 9.807-133.37.

In the final, Stone once again got out the gate first, but then slowed at mid-track (nitrous problem) and watched Power take his first ever Outlaw Anglia event win.

Report by Steven Moxley


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