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Welcome to the home of the Outlaw Anglia Racers Association

If you own a sub 11.5 second Anglia, Pop, Prefect, or Fordson from the days when they only came in Black, it is your duty to race with the Outlaw Anglias. 


Spend the money you'll save on a throttle stop & delay box on an extra stage of nitrous & a lead right boot!

We would love to hear from anyone who fancys a bit of heads-up racing in a class that still knows how to have fun. Please contact us with any questions or queries... You'll love it!

Outlaw Anglia Committee

Chairman + Treasurer - Colin Millar

Secretary - Jemma Guy

Website + Social Media - Jemma Guy

Contactable on

The few rules we have had since the formation of the class in 1992, make for some unique & spectacular Heads-up Drag racing!

- Body must be based on a "Sit-up-&-beg" style       Ford: Anglia, Popular, Fordson or Prefect.


- Wheelbase maximum 101 inches with a front overhang of no more than 32 inches.


- Driver must be seated to one side.

  (No centre seat)


- No flip-up "funny car" style bodies.


- No alteration of front windscreen angle.

Current Class

ET - John Willard - 6.76
MPH - John Willard - 204.31

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