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The Outlaw Anglia class was formed by Bob Nixon, a drag race chassis builder from Essex, England during the summer of '92. He gathered together a group of Anglia & Pop drivers already competing in various classes, some, disheartened by recent bracket impositions & turned his vision of a single make "Heads-up" Gasser class into a reality.

The first flicker of life was in the form of an advert in Street Machine magazine inviting the UK's  fastest Pop/Anglia drivers to compete in the "Ultimate Pop Shootout" at Santa Pod Sun 4th May, This event was well attended, being won by the up & coming Danny Cockerill 9.44/139mph Bob had also arranged to attended  the Volksfest event being held the same bank holiday weekend at Avon Park on Mon 5th May to participate in a series of VW's  versus V8's mach races. The Outlaw Anglia's were born.




The class was an instant success with spectators, side by side burnouts & huge wheels-up launches along with a "first there wins" simplicity. The pits were quiet when the Anglias were on. Promoters soon picked up on the popularity & booked the class to attend various race meetings, especially Volkswagen events where the Outlaw Anglia's appeared as an exhibition class.

1993 saw the first Outlaw Anglia championship, fiercely contended by all, with Danny Cockerill's 8 second Anglia, taking the honours over, Tony Bakers street legal machine. Due its success, cars were soon being built specifically to compete in the class. Andy Carter's car in particular, designed to take full advantage of the minimal construction rules. With a 101 Inch chassis, & Keith Black Nitro Motor, made its debut at the end of 1993.

1994 was arguably the best season for the Outlaw Anglia's The Championship - Sponsored by Custom Car Magazine & Goodguys UK. Saw the biggest fastest fields. Andy Carter held onto a commanding lead, managing a  nitro assisted pass of 7.57/181mph on route to clinching the title. With Tony Baker again the bridesmaid.

1995 got off to an unfortunate start, 2 of the fastest cars, Andy Przybyl & Tony Baker, both had top end spills at consecutive meetings. This along with Andy Carter moving onto Top Fuel, And Danny Cockerill still out with engine damage, meant a reduced field. Paul Hensher stormed to take the Custom Car/Goodguys UK title. With a much improved Pete Loveless clinching the runner-up spot. 

1996 started as '95 had finished with Paul Hensher dominating the field, Danny Cockerill was back out with more power than ever, but concentrated on Pro Mod recording a best of 7.68/180mph. Paul Hensher again took the title with Mike Morris finishing runner-up in his rookie season.

The 1997 championship was sponsored by Speedflow-performance hoses & fittings. Super-Gasser Al O'Connor took a dabble with The  Outlaw's for the first time. Rob Stone came out on top of the 4 event series, with Paul Wright taking home the runner-up gong. 1997 was also the first year the Outlaw Anglia's appeared at the amazing Bulldog Bash event.

1998 Speedflow championship was again a 4 event series. with the Outlaw Anglia's participating in 2 of the exciting new Super Series Events. Rob Stone again Romped home victorious, This time with the "Flying Doctor" Bob Doignie bagging the second spot, in his first competitive season. 

In 1999 it was decided not to run a championship, but instead we gave Rob Stone a trophy & went to the pub.

2000 Saw the return of the Outlaw Anglia championship, this time held solely at Terry Gibb's Super Series Events. Rob Stone again emerged victorious, this time closely pursued by Bob Hancox.

2001 Rob Stone was finally deposed of the title, Cliff Griffin emerged victorious after 3 Super Series rounds, leaving Rob literally picking up the pieces.

2002 Saw Rob Stone back on top for the 4th time after 4 Super Series rounds, closely followed by Paul Hensher in the new & improved Gas Attack car.

2003 Paul Hensher won the Real Steel sponsored championship taking his tally to 3. Pete Ashworth finished runner-up in his 1st season back after an 8 year lay off.

2004 Pete Ashworth was the winner of the expanded Real Steel sponsored championship, Paul Hensher bagged the Runner up spot.

2005 Paul Wright won the 6 event Real Steel championship for the first time, Paul Hensher finished runner-up, closely followed by Mark Pointer in his first OA season. During the season Paul Wright equalled Andy Carters long standing 7.57 et.

2006 Paul Wright & the Guv Racing Team again won the title, Pete Moore bagged the No2 spot with a late spurt. The Guv Racing Team also reset both the Outlaw Anglia ET & mph records to 7.560 & 190.57mph respectively.

2007 Paul Wright & Team won the championship for the 3rd year running, Pete Ashworth was runner-up in Dayglo Twister 4.

2008 The 8 event championship was won by The GUV Racing Team for the 4th consecutive season, the ET record was also lowered to 7.477. Richard Colby leapfrogged Rob Stone at the last event to finish runner-up.

2009 Richard Colby finished one place higher to win the title over an ever improving Cliff Griffin.

2010 The Championship was won for the second time by Cliff Griffin by a substantial margin over 2nd place Simon Barlow & the Orange Pop team.

2011 Cliff griffin bagged his 3rd title beating stiff competition from improving Richard Colby in runner up & Colin Millar in 3rd who ran a couple of 7's during the penultimate round.






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