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Race Report: Springspeed Nationals

Round 2 started early on a cold Saturday morning with 7 cars entered at Shakespeare County Raceway. Paul Hensher started the first qualifying session with a wayward 8.57/155mph. In the next pair Steve Wells had issues on the startline as the pickup make a move towards the timing lights and Cliff spun the tyres on the hit, pedalling the car to a tyre-shaking 9.01/164mph. Dave Sidaway, in the Time Bomb Fordson, ran through with a tame 8.89/154mph putting him second. The rest of the field took the long way round including Colin Millar in the Flyin' Fyfer which made big move top-end... A very exciting session!

During the second round of qualifying, Paul, Jedd and Steve were all still struggling with the tricky conditions but a shot of nitrous pushed Mick Taylor into a new PB time & speed of 8.75/156mph. Colin Millar also used some nitrous and ran a straight 8.50/153mph which put him up on the number one spot before Cliff took it away, running a 7.82/182mph with a very soft launch.

The last qualifying session of the day saw Rob Stone out for his first pass of the weekend up against Jedd but there were no changes in the qualifying ladder.

Lots of improvements in the fourth qualifying session on the Sunday: Colin with a 8.05/169mph, Paul Hensher with a 8.57/155mph, Steve Wells with a strong 8.38/158mph (close to PB territory) and Mick Taylor with another storming PB of 8.49/159mph - well done Mick!

Only 3 cars decided to run the fifth and final qualifying session of the weekend including Cliff who maintained his top qualifying position with a 7.83.

Hours of heavy rain and an oil-down set the tone for raceday. The track crew did an absolutely fantastic job of getting the track sorted so each class could get at least one elimination round in before the curfew. Colin was set up to race Jedd but unfortunately Jedd was out with a broken gearbox so Colin took the race with an 11.6. Cliff was the only other racer out during this session and broke the beams on a bye. Sadly, there were more casualties during qualifying on Sunday as Paul Hensher was out with a broken gearbox and Dave Sidaway damaged his engine. We sincerely hope the damage isn't too bad for Jedd, Paul & Dave and we hope to see you back out again soon!

Join us for Round 3 at the Nostalgia Nationals for some of the most exciting racing you'll ever see!

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