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OA sponsored by Renegade/Trackstuff for 2nd year!

The Renegade Outlaw Anglia Drag Racing Class

The Outlaw Anglia Drag Racing Class are excited to have the continued support from Renegade, we head into the 2021 Drag Racing season with hope and anticipation, we will be racing again this year and fingers crossed its not that far away. Both Jeff Ludgate and Alex Clark from Renegade had supported the class in 2019 and although it was a very strange year in 2020, they again provided service and support when the class needed it. The call out to the class came with only two weeks’ notice for our first race event in August 2020 and again both Renegade and Outlaw Anglia continued to see the benefits of this developing relationship.

Renegade will be Outlaw Anglia’s main sponsor for 2021 and we hope to strengthen this partnership as time goes on!

The limited season last year with only three meetings proved to be some of the best racing the class had ever seen, with the Hot Rod Drags providing I think at least nine new PB’s with many dropping down into the next second barrier, the expectation was not high as there was no championship, however the performance and commitment of the class provided for some of the best racing for both spectators crews and marshals alike, was it a coincident that a lot of these teams were using the Renegade products to get the edge, time will tell ? The new season for sure is filled with uncertainty but what is for sure The Renegade Outlaw Anglia Class will not disappoint; the class has 45 fully paid up teams ready to go out there and put on one of the best shows you’ve ever seen with breath-taking times and speeds, as well as a few new cars and returning racers hopefully looking to join in before the end of the year possibly taking us to over 50 members! The class moves into its 29th year and continues to grow and push the boundaries from its conception in 1992, here is the drivers list as we stand today,

We have a gentleman in Australia who has already pushed the boundaries and ran the magical six at over 200mph and we plan to welcome John Willard to the UK in 2022 to race along with the Renegade Outlaw Anglia Class, after all he is a fully paid-up member. Keep a close eye out folks the Renegade Outlaw Anglia Class with the continued support of Jeff and Alex will be back out real soon, faster stronger and will you see history being made with the “Magical Six” in 2021, its time and the contenders are already in place waiting to take the glory!!! Who will be first? See you at the Track

Written by Outlaw Anglia Chairman - Colin Millar


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